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A Game!

just say a word and the last letter is the starting letter for the next word etc :P
4.rape 8)
have fun? Kthx
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Make a dragon city dragon! I

So,it's simple. Just fill out this:
Rarity(c,r,vr,e,or l.):
Currency (gems or gold):
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What Songs Do You Want Me To Listen To

I have over 100 songs in my playlist, so I thought I wanted to know what songs you all recommend me to listen to. No links. Just the artist and song name. I'm not falling for your "Never Gonna Give You Up" link tricks. If you put that song as a recommendation, I'll never be your friend. It's not funny anymore, it's cruel. Xaria
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For 1 Million. Dollars...

Hello wiki users! This game is to test wether the person below you would do something for a million dollars. (Or whatever your currency is)
How to play
1. Respond to the post above you with yes or no.
2. Once you respond, write a scenario that someone would do for 1 million dollars
3. Don't say something stupid like... For a million dollars, would you pet a dog. Be creative
4. Have fun!
First scenario - For a million dollars, would you fight JOHN CENA!
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